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cultural-artistic guidance service


Consult Antropical's Cultural-Artistic Guidance Unit 

€5 - 30

Are you interested in anything? (Anything at all?) Do you have any problems? (Big ones? Small ones?) Or any purposes? (Or are you desperately in search of purposes?) If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes', have you ever wondered what guidance the resources of art and culture, beyond those you're already familiar with, might be able to offer you? Whether you're wondering how to get over a painful break-up or fascinated by the spiritual dimension of being out in nature, or looking for ways to start a revolution, have a chat with us, and let us pool our knowledge of the diverse cultural-artistic traditions we come from, and give you a list of recommendations - of films and plays, novels and short stories, songs and poems, lectures and philosophical essays, paintings and photography books, modern dance shows and performance art stunts. In short, let us give you opportunities to stimulate your thinking, and enjoy yourself in the process!

How to proceed: 

There are two ways in which you can get the recommendations of our Cultural-Artistic Guidance Unit:


1) You can fill in the following form:


We will then, within 5 days, send you our recommendations based on what you've said in the form.


2) You can contact us directly to arrange a one-hour video-call appointment, during which we will discuss in more detail your interest/problem/purpose, and what kinds of cultural-artistic resources might be of help with it. Some recommendations we'll give you during the discussion, but others we'll send you within 5 days. 


option 1)        5€

option 2)       30€


All proceeds go to funding the artistic projects of the group.



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