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Involving the audience


As we celebrated our one year anniversary, we had time to process and evaluate our theme. In 2017, our participants' exchange flourished, inspired and birthed beautiful projects reflecting site-specific research and experiences of communal living. Throughout the Kolla Festival 2016 we noticed that, while we aimed to continue making site-specific art, we did not sufficiently take into account the most substantial part of our target group, namely, the festival audience.

Therefore, we set Antropical 2017 to continue conduct a wider research on alternative exhibition and art production methods. The project's aim was to find a way to integrate artistic research within the context of the festival. With this specific question in mind: what is the relation between high culture and popular culture?

Participating artists: Cosima Baum (DE), Umut Eldem (TR), Maria Karpushina (RU), Hendrik Kulblick (DK), Seline Lenoire (NL),

Ivan Strelkin (RU), Nina Petrov (RS), Valentine Emilia Bossert (CH)Monika Balu (LT), Maruša Uhan (SI).

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