Last but not least (postponed)

This edition is a retrospective analysis of the research of the last 4 editions of Antropical Residency. Between the 14th and 30th of August this year, 10 former residents will come together for a fifth and final round of the annual residency cycle, during which we aim to assemble a concluding publication. It will bring together four years of project work and thus set the foundation of our identity as an official artistic collective and recently established Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs asbl


The goal of this years’ residency is to establish the impact of Antropical Artists’ presence on the Kolla Festival through theoretical analysis of our archive material and interviews with the community and external actors, such as journalists. The retrospective analysis of the process, intended and actual outcomes, the traces left behind and our common vision for the future, will be presented in a multimedia publication. In collaboration with all the participating artists, we will carve out the principles of Antropical and compile our results in a manifesto.


In addition to this study, all former residents were given the opportunity to bring together their experiences gained at Antropical and develop an interactive artwork for an exhibition organised in collaboration with Mirador Steinfort. The exhibition, ‘Eng aner Siicht op d’Natur’ (Another View on Nature), is a spontaneous reaction to Covid-19, and will start before the beginning of the residency in the context of the national initiative Holiday at Home. It aligns with our ambitions for the future of Antropical, as we plan to develop the exhibition into a permanent artistic trail following the residency, on the basis of the principles and ideas highlighted during this time.

In this context, our project will involve the “unlikely” audience, i.e. people that are not used to being in contact with art in their daily life in an experimental, inclusive and cross-disciplinary dynamic way, as we are convinced of its transformative potential. We also aim to lay the foundations for an artistic movement, bridging the gap between large institutions and experimental art initiatives in Luxembourg.

Participating artists:  Lucia Fiorani (IT), Cas Banierink, Nika Schmitt (NL), Tanja Bladt-Cohen (UK/DK), Clio Van Aerde (LU) and Aurélie d’Incau (LU), Valentine Emilie Bossert (CH), Monika Balu (LT), Margot van der Sande (NL).

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