Chrysalis - part 1

This edition is a retrospective analysis of the research of the last 4 editions of Antropical Residency. Between the 1st and 7th of February 2021, former residents were welcome to gather for a round of evaluation of the annual residency cycle. Bringing together four years of project work, the residents set the foundation of our identity as an official artistic collective, platform and recently established Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs asbl

However, this retrospective analysis of the process, intended and actual outcomes, has been hindered by the pandemic. Originally planned for August 2020, the residency is finally taking place in two phases. The first happened in February 2021, when we met online to redefine our program, address power structures and contemplate our future vision. The second is meant as a gathering from the 3rd - 16th of May in Italy. This collaboration between all members of the collective, physically present or not, will carve out the principles of Antropical and compile them in a publication.

Stay tuned for Chrysalis Part. 2!


Participating artists:  Lucia Fiorani (IT), Cas Banierink, Nika Schmitt (NL), Tanja Bladt-Cohen (UK/DK), Benjamin George Coles (UK/LU), Clio Van Aerde (LU), Aurélie d’Incau (LU), Valentine Emilie Bossert (CH), Monika Balu (LT), Margot van der Sande (NL), Gabi Linde (DE), Maina Joner (FR/NO), Sophie Prinssen (FR/NL), Amelia Daiz (UK), Marieke Sytema (NL), Emiel Wendel (NL), Daniele Valentino (IT), Alexandra Fraser (UK).


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