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Play until United


Beginning with this intentionally ambiguous title, Antropical residents of 2019 have collaboratively explored how play can mean questioning, resistance, inclusion, deconstructing and reconstructing the rules. Through activities, workshops, projects, soundboards, performances, games and experimentations, they have addressed the seriousness of play, using the concept of Kolla as a playground and bringing it to life.

With Play Until United, Antropical aimed to create a playful environment, a magic circle within which imagination would come to life, to unite people and lead them into an alternative reality. Opening a portal – the threshold which we cross between reality and its alternatives – it strived to help us become aware of a different state of mind, this of play. Within this playground, we could then find further such portals inviting new games within the game of Kolla. Once you left the playground of the festival through the portal, your reality would hopefully never be the same.

Participating artists: Alessandro Marchi (IT), Tosca Mitkowska (NL), WIIS Collective (Renske van Gelder⁠, Marieke Sytema⁠) (NL), Reem Dada (SY), Michel Metzler (LU), Margot van der Sande (NL), Maïna Joner (FR/NO), Katherine Leung (CN/UK)⁠, Kasia Lewińska (PL), Iwona Lisiecka (PL), Giulio Dal Lago (IT), Gabriele Linde (DE), Benjamin George Coles (UK), Alexandra Fraser (UK), Lucia Fiorani (IT), Tanja Bladt-Cohen (UK/DK), Clio Van Aerde (LU) and Aurélie d’Incau (LU).

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