The Organisation

Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs (Dobausseministär) is a non-profit association that merges social, environmental and artistic forms into an international collective. We inspire, guide and facilitate collaborative interdisciplinary projects with an artistic focus. This includes long and short term projects such as residencies, interventions, performances, seminars or workshops. Our vision is to create a vibrant, sustainable and global community for the exchange of knowledge and creativity.


Antropical was founded in 2016 and began as an artist residency in the context of Kolla Festival. The residency was organised around a continuous artistic research on autonomous art practices and ran yearly until a conclusive edition in 2020.


Ant▪ro▪pi▪ca▪l  │anˈθrɒpɪkal│


1 a) a phenomenon of the controversial relationship with nature in human societies. Mostly consist in reducing the natural environment to the state of the desert with a reconciliation in the aftermath.

b) the human capacity to influence all elements of nature, even the creation of nature.


2 psychology: mental state. Mental maturity to take care of a plant. 

The Team

Founder and President: Aurélie d'Incau

Vice President: Clio Van Aerde

Secretary: Paulina Speltz

Dobausseminister: Maïna Joner

Ambassadors: Valentine Emilia Bossert, Monika Balu, Lucia Fiorani, Tanja Bladt-Cohen, Margot van der Sande.


Antropical's physical office is located within the reception of the nature centre Mirador, located in Steinfort, Luxembourg. Mirador has been the main partner of Antropical since its foundation in 2016, supporting our presence in the region and collaborating on various projects.


Situated just at the border with Belgium, it is part of the 'Valley of the Mamer and the Eisch', a nature reserve of over 6.697 hectares – the biggest one in Luxembourg. The area was strongly affected by the train connection to Brussels in the 19th century and its long history of iron and stone mining. The damage to the landscape only ceased after the exhaustion of the mines. A reforestation project started in 1996 has enabled the development of the beautiful site we can stroll in nowadays.

TEL: 00352 661605783


Postal Address (Antropical M.o.S.A.):

Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs asbl

10A, rue Jean-François Boch,

L-1244 Luxembourg

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Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs asbl

10A, rue Jean-François Boch, L-1244 Luxembourg


IBAN: LU82 0109 7800 0113 0982


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