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Kolla Festival as a Microcosm


The 2018 edition of Antropical was set to research the theme of microcosm in relation to the macrocosm. The Kolla Festival  a playground in which people can safely experiment, interact and create without the competitive pressure of society – could be considered as a small scale society with its own set of rules, allowing for a detailed observation in contrast with the outside world.

In 2018, Antropical also introduced a new position within the team: the Ambassadors. Two artists of the previous year were invited to act as a bridge between the organisers and the residents, and to create a continuity with the previous research. Monika Balu and Valentine Emilia Bossert took on the challenge to sculpt their roles as the residency unfolded.

Participating artists: Sophie Prinssen (FR), Amelia Daiz (UK), Bleu Le Fou (Daniele Valentino & Lucia Fiorani) (IT), Roos Nieboer (NL), TH Collective (Honey Kraiwee (TH) &Tanja Bladt-Cohen (UK/DK) ), Marianne Villière (FR), Valentine Emilia Bossert (CH)Monika Balu (LT).

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