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Residency by and for Kolla Festival



Antropical is a multidisciplinary practical research residency within a festival setting, merging the performing arts (dance, theatre, circus, conceptual art, video, audiovisual art, etc.) with theory (philosophy, [art] history, curating, political science, etc.), design (landscape design, graphic design, architecture), education (art therapy, teaching, etc.) and any other discipline interested in partaking in the debate on the relation between art and festival culture.



Steinfort Mirador, Luxembourg

How long?

21 days (2.08-22.08.2019)

How many participants?

This year there will be 10 participants from previous years. 

Will there be an Exhibition?

No, but there will be a big publication this year.

There is also the Kolla Festival.

What happens at the Festival stays at the Festival.

When is the Kolla Festival?


How do I apply?

This year we will not be making an open call.

read the description of 2020 here