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For whom?

Friday, March 17, 2017

If you answer those questions with a yes, then you should apply:


1) Are you a Web designer, social designer, game designer, product designer, theatre designer, film director, videographer, actor, stage designer, VR developer, programmer, architect, engineer, fine artist, restauration artist, performer, curator, art historian, art marketer, carpenter, garden designer, construction site worker,  teacher, or from any other discipline remotely linked to the creative industries?


2) Are you interested in art and cultural events?


3) Do you like to learn from people in different disciplines?


3) Are there themes about the art world and the creative industries which you've always wanted to discuss?


4) Do you happen to think about how people interact with each other and how they behave in different situations?


5) Do you think that Festivals are an interesting platform to discuss alternative exhibition spaces or collective culture making? 



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Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs asbl

10A, rue Jean-François Boch, L-1244 Luxembourg


IBAN: LU82 0109 7800 0113 0982


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