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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

1) Do you speak enough English to have a conversation about the theme proposed here?

2) Are you looking for a big professional residency with big funding and organisers who are already in the business for 30 years who will boost your career? Thats not us. 

2) Look around the website, and read the information about this year's Residency carefully.

3) Think about what you think about it

4) Write down what you think about it. Make a mind map or whatever gets you going. (might be handy for the application or the skype talk)

5) Imagine (a) : can you see yourself in a group of artists, discussing, working together, reflecting on each others work? Or even collaborate if you want to go wild?

6) Imagine (b): do you mind camping? and do you like Festivals in general? Because you will have to deal with it in one way of another.

7) Are you able to work sponaniously and develop a project at/for the project?


On March 10 Applications open. You will have to fill in a form. Answer as honestly as possible. Don't write too much nor too little. If our interest was triggered, we will skype and we can get to know each other more. 


We are so excited about this, we could not even wait until the applications open to publish this post!



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