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What is Antropical?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Is it a residency? Is it a thinktank? Is it a collective? Is it a summercamp? Well it is a little bit of everything. Antropical is a project where young creatives get together to process and comment on certain problematics inherent to the geography and ethnography of the Kolla Festival in relation to the classical conceptions of the Art world. The project aims to develop artistic reactions to questions like: “Where does ‘Art’ start?”, “what place can art find in situations like Festivals?”, “What form of art would be the best fit for Festivals?”, “How can a situation like this be relating to the white cube?” and consequently “how can we democratise art (bring it closer to the people) without losing its legitimacy?”


This year we focus on teh audience: How do we deal with the conservatism in art when art becomes part of ordinary life?


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Antropical - Ministry of Strange Affairs asbl

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