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Thoughts by Julija Paškevičiūtė

Saturday, July 30, 2016

 An extract from Donna J. haraway's When species meet

Chapter 1: We have never been human

  1. "Whom and what do I touch when I touch my dog?"

  2. "How is “becoming with” a practice of becoming worldly?"

“I think we learn to be worldly from grappling WITH, rather than generalizing FROM, the ordinary. I am a creature of the mud, not the sky. I am a biologist who has always found adification in the amazing abilities of slime to hold things in touch and to lubricate passages for living beings and their parts. I love the fact that human genomes can be found in only about 10 percent  of all the cells tha occupy the mundane space I call my body;  the other 90 percent of the cells are filled with the genomes of bacteria, fungi, protists, and such, some of which play a symphony necessary to my being alive at all, and some of which are hitchiking a ride and doing the rest of me, of us, no harm. I am vastly outnumbered by my tiny companions; better put, I become an adult human being in company with these tiny messmates. To be one is always to become with many. "


In the context of Antropical – it relates to us being here in the nature, being with each other, blurring/exploring the boundaries between I – us- and them; here and there and the very definition of human.


Photography: Julija sewing a protective suit for a walk through the vegetation to discover what lies in it. The suit also serves as a means of documentation. Come by and find out more!



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