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HOW TO APPLY? here is all you need to know

Thursday, May 26, 2016


1. choose your language, German, Luxemburgish, French or English.

2. read every page carefully. All the information on this site is concerning all participants.

        2a. Check the dates. Are you available for all of them?
        2b. Are you 36 and over? Just apply anyways ;)

3. Be super excited about this extraordinarily historic site and especially all the problematics in question.

4.Think about why you want to join

        4a.Imagine what the residency would be like. 

        4b. Think about your position in a group of artists.
        4c. What is your artistic approach. What are your fascinations and why, how do you cope with them.

        4d. What are your  struggles? Why do you do what you do?

        4e. What do you think of the artworld and your position in it. How can the residency challange those problems and in how far does it need to be challanged.
        4f. What do you think you can learn from artists who come from a different artistic background (different disciplines; approaches)
        4g. What is your opinion on quality in art. What do categories mean.

        4h. Are you interested in working together with other people, if yes why and how and if no why and how.
        4i. "and so on, and so on..." Slavoj Zizek click here


5. Go to APPLY HERE 
6. Read the instructions next to the text boxes

7. Answer as honest as possible. No answers are wrong except no answers. 

8. Don't answer the questions one by one, just keep them in mind while you write a fluid inspiring text.

9. Don't copy paste your artist statement from your portfolio or your website. We can find it once we read through your website or portfolio anyways. Keep it fresh, don't be lazy.

8. The motivation letter is the most important. If you like you can also make a little video of yourself if it is easier for you and send it with the application form. 

9. Satisfied with what you wrote? Perfect

10. click on go for it

11. wait for our incredibly fast answer.

12. get accepted

13. get excited

14. wait for more information. 

15. Get more information

16. drive to Luxemburg. Share your car or go by train or ride your horse.


Woop woop! We are excited to meet you!






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