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The Reception centre Mirador in the commune of Steinfort, situated just at the border to Belgium, is part of the “Valley of the Mamer and the Eisch”, a Natural reserve. The whole area respects the EU policies such as the Flaure and Faune habitat directive for protection of biodiversity.  The whole FFH-region reaches out over 6.697 hectar and thus is the biggest natural reserve in Luxemburg. It operates as a national and a European natural reserve. However, officially, this only has been the case since 2004. Before, the area was harshly influenced by the train connection to Brussels in the 19th century and its long history of iron and stone mining. On one side, it has been very profitable economically, on the other side, it has engraved harsh scars in the natural landscapes. Only after the exhaustion of the mines, the nature could slowly grow back. It was in 1996 when humans came to help the nature and started the reforestation project. Today one can enjoy the beautiful nature and during a long walk through the site. Starting at he reception Mirador, where one can get leaflets and info, one can explore the relation between historical happenings and the contemporary nature protection programs.