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Antropical x Ilali

Osmosis is the phenomenon in which two sides draw out characteristics from each other when in contact. Thoughts and opinions bleed into us gradually, as we become closer and more alike over time.


In the past years, the global pandemic has significantly transformed our relationship in regards to communicating and togetherness. The development of worldwide communication aimed to reduce distance between individuals. However, post pandemic, it has been felt universally that this free communication ideal still lacks a certain intimacy, and leaves much to individual interpretation. 


What secret transmissions do we pass, absorb and participate in in our lives, either consciously and subconsciously? And how?

With Osmosis, Antropical members aimed to raise such questions and present their interpretations, with a ficus on communication, translation and transference.

Osmosis is a collaboration between Antropical collective and Ilali Studio. Ilali is an artist studio and gallery based in Berlin, seeking to intertwine multiple disciplines & artistic faiths through encouraging community and the practice of prefigurative politics.

Click here to visit their website.

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