We encourage you to read this page carefully and to learn more about Antropical and the Kolla Festival before applying. Any questions, feel free to drop us a line here.

You can find the THEME 2019 HERE



- 15 participants max.

- Duration 20 days (02/08/2019 - 22/08/2019)

- Steinfort Mirador, G.D. Luxembourg

- Research-Based Open Air Residency 

- Camping is Essential

- Upcycling Material is our Philosophy 

    - Partly Wheelchair Accessible

For whom?

- Best suitable for but not limited to students and recent graduates 

- artists, carpenters, landscape architects, teachers,actors, dancers, stage designers, VR developers, programmers, architects, engineers,performers, curators, art historians, art marketeers, theatre directors,film directors, videographers, Web designers, social designers, game designers, product designers,

and anyone interested in the debate

   - European continent residents

Application procedure

1) Carefully read all the information about the Kolla Festival and the Antropical residency program.
2) Fill out the online application form (Deadline round #1 26 April 2019; round #2 24 May 2019) 
We want to hear your opinions about the type of residency we are and about this year’s theme. We expect the applicant to be critical and honest. Antropical is a research community residency. We are interested to hear your thoughts, not what you have done in the past. NO project proposal! Do not answer the questions as though it was a project proposal.
Challenge us and yourself. We want you to contribute to our ongoing research. 
3) Week 27.04.19-04.05.19: Successful applicants will be invited to a (skype) interview with the crew. 
Don’t try to be someone you are not, we don’t like that. All levels of professional is ok for us. Lifelong learning is our mantra.
4) 09.06.19: We will publish the names (artist names need to be provided if preferred) of our shortlisted participants on our website and Facebook page. We will ask participants whether they wish to remain anonymous beforehand. Texts will either be formulated out of the information provided in the application form with consent of the participant or we will ask the participant to write something by themselves.  If you applied to lead a discussion round, prepare your presentation theme, description text and outline for publication before June 15.
5) A contract will be signed to clear the air about what is and what is not possible. We will send you the contract by 15 June 2019. All organisational questions will be answered (house rules, etc.) on site.

What we provide

- Accommodation (Big shared scout tent), food, water,sanitary , electricity, limited wifi, machines and other useful facilities and assistance. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual tents, please feel free to bring your own if you prefer.  

- Free ticket to the Kolla Festival

- Debates and Guided Tours

- Publicity

- Random Material (in the spirit of Kolla Festival we kindly ask participants to work with what we have). Special material can be discussed.

- We are putting all our effords in raising money to ensure a refund of the travel costs (ca. 50 euros pp), however, as we can at this point not say for sure to what extend we will be able to.

Unfortunately we cannot sponsor visa applications at

this time.


(and Restrictions)

- Participants must be fluent in English

- Project is research based so don’t bring old work but you may bring existing inspiration

- You may not be affiliated to any political party. Other than that, there are no restrictions as to the interpretation of the theme

- Unfortunately, the site is not entirely accessible to wheelchairs, however, a large portion of it is paved (see here) and can thus be easily accessible. Please get in touch with us if you have any concerns.

- Electricity is not available everywhere on site.

- Partners and children are not allowed from 2.08.18 till 16.08.18. They are welcome to join during the Kolla Festival (17.08.18-19.08.18). Partners are not eligible for free tickets and free food at the Festival. Children under 12 get free entrance. (Tip: Kolla Volunteers get free entrance tickets and meals: check out the Kolla Website for further information

- Friendly pets are allowed at the residency but you need to inform us beforehand. Dogs need to be held on a leash at all times throughout the Kolla Festival.

Admission criteria

Gender equality: The percentage of men* and women* applying to our residency, will match the percentage of men* and women* accepted for the residency.

Diversity in backgrounds: Antropical follows the concept of the Kolla Festival which is to promote local talents but also to cherish diversity. Therefore we try to find a good balance between Luxembourg-originating and international artists.

Diversity in media and artistic approaches:
we choose all types of artists and participants in other professions in order to have an interesting and challenging mixture. 

As creatives, we all know that communication does not need to happen always nor at any time. However, in Antropical, we come together to learn from each other. Therefore a little peek into each other's minds or long passionate discussions will be what we take home from this experience.

Openness to collaboration: Collaborations can be wonderful but also devastating. It is a mere possibility which is nice to take into consideration when you are looking for a challenge. Collaborations give any professional another perspective on their own work. Imagine a collaboration between a gardener and a carpenter, or a dancer and a web designer.

Being critical towards their own media and artistic development: We are looking for artists and creatives who have not necessarily found their fixed media, who like to experiment with different things and are eager to learn from others who have undergone a different artistic development. A pinch of irony is also never bad.

Ideas about alternative exhibition spaces: Be aware that your work is not safe from any external influences. What is your perception of art in Festivals? If you are a painter, think about the fact that we are in a forest and that the festival attendees might be interested in contributing to your work without your knowledge.

A little confusion and curiosity:
“Ignorance is bliss” usually has a negative and passive connotation. To us, it is a synonym for openness towards new influences, new possibilities. Confusion is the tension which drives us towards harmony. People who know and think they have found what they are looking for will not fit into this project. 

Last but not least: we are all in the same boat. It is not a competition. Be your authentic self, don't try to impress us, we are drops in the wide ocean ourselves.


Good Luck!