Antropical is a research-based artistic residency established in 2016 within the wider frame of the Kolla festival. Every year, it welcomes   international practitioners across disciplines for
 three weeks in the natural reserve of Steinfort in

   The residency relies on the concept of an 
   ongoing research process, where the theme of
    every round is determined as a natural
    response to the past year’s topics, solutions
    and issues. Taken in the context of the Kolla

    festival, our first residency explored the
     relation between art and nature, the following
     one addressed the role of the audience in the
      creative process, and last year’s edition
      focused on the idea of the microcosm. Our
      residencies aim at perpetuating an evolving
      course of research through reflection and

   Kolla Festival acts as a playground,

  in which people can safely experiment,   interact and create without the competitive pressure of society. Drawing from this idea, we now wish to make play our tool for connecting with other communities (natural or human) to widen the microcosm of Kolla. In 2019,

we are therefore investigating the definitions of play  and its power as a uniting factor within and between communities.​​

                        accepting the element of chance in development and encouraging                  playful interactions between participants. In that sense, we regard the Kolla Festival as a location wherein Antropical residents can conduct fieldwork that seeks ways of engaging with festival goers through their artistic practices, in accordance with our core belief that art should be accessible beyond institutional walls. To stay true to our concept we have also introduced the “Ambassador” program in 2018, which will enable two participants from the previous years to bridge the gap between editions.​

We look forward to receiving applications from artists, theoreticians and artisans of all backgrounds and disciplines!

The artists