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“Kolla Festival as a Microcosm”

Antropical is a research-based artistic residency. Established in 2016, Antropical has launched two successful residencies within the wider framework of the Kolla Festival. Our latest edition in 2018 looks to work around the theme of microcosm in relation to the macrocosm. The Kolla Festival is a playground, in which people can safely experiment, interact and create without the competitive pressure of society. Considering the Kolla Festival as a small scale society allows for a detailed observation of its development.

The concept of Antropical is that the research practice is ongoing. The theme of every year is a natural response to the past themes and issues that have arisen. We seek to evolve our core belief that art should be accessible within a festival setting, and we look forward to expanding on this with new artists, art practices and theoreticians every year. To stay true to our concept we have introduced the “Ambassador” programme in 2018, which will enable two participants of the previous years to bridge the gap between the theme and the new participants and to continue reflecting on this research.


Our residencies aim to perpetuate an evolving course of research through and reflection on experimentation, accepting the element of chance in development/ being able to ‘play’ with other people. In that sense, we deem the Kolla Festival as a location wherein Antropical participants conduct fieldwork that explores how to engage with festival goers through their artistic practices.  

The 2018 edition was a real success: our residents went beyond their limits to put together wonderful projects, which really engaged the Kolla visitors and challenged institutionalism in the arts. They created lasting bonds and, together with the Kolla crew, a utopian environment giving space for free experimentation. Discover more about it in our album!

The artists                                                


PUBLIC PROGRAM 05.08.-14.08.