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In the summer of 2016, a new art project was organised in the context of the Kolla Festival. The project consited of a 10 day residency with 12 artists between 20 and 35 years old. The artists aimed to jumpstart a study of a young, 50 year old natural landscape characterised by its history of nature loss through industrialisation, and to build a discourse on the dialogue between nature vs human.  “ANTROPICAL” invited artists to react on and work with the given aspects of

Ant▪ro▪pi▪ca▪l  │anˈθrɒpɪkal│


1 a A phenomenon of the controversial relationship with nature in human societies. Mostly consist in reducing the natural environment to the state of the desert with a reconciliation in the aftermath. b the human capacity to influance all elements of nature, even the creation of nature.


2 psychology: mental state. Mental maturity to take care of a plant. 


What happened:

Antropical had 12 participants of 7 different nationalities and between the age of 20 and 35 years. 

The artistic background ranged from Fine art to cinema or webdesign, dance, performance, music. These were the ground laying conditions for the dynamics within the group and the projects. 

Thanks to the colourful mix within the group we had the incredible chance to create as many different approaches as there were souls. As the goal was to analyse the site and its history in an artisitic manner, the artists first took some time to explore the nature, talk to specialists, talk to the people from the neighbourhood, to the organisers of the Kolla and most importantly get to know each other. During the first week a lot of little excercises were made. Filming nature, drawing maps, placing objects, transforming them, making tryouts and discussing them to the fellow participants. 

During a daily meeting, the participants shared their findings and ideas helping each other to develop them further.

In the second part, when the ideas were worked out more, they were worked out to a finished work. 

However, not always were the results a finished work, but sometimes were also traces of the very process.

the site such as its history, visual features or the human or animal movement within the natural reserve. Its goal was to stimulate young emerging artists in their artistic practice to use their environment as a laboratory of research, shifting the dynamic within the Luxemburgish art scene away from the classical ideas of exhibition spaces, galleries and art as a product within the art market. Instead the movement is directed towards a collective feeling in the culture making 
questioning the idea of quality striving towards the idea of art as a common good. 

The different results of the 10 day residency can be seen either in the Photoalbum, Press, Promotion videos or Artists

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