The goal of this years’ residency is to pin down what impact the presence of Antropical Artists had on the Kolla Festival. To do so, we will invite 8-10 former Antropical residents to conduct a comprehensive research. More specifically, we aim to find out through archive material and interviews with the community what the previous projects of Antropical have achieved compared to their initial ambitions. The retrospective analysis of the process, the trace left behind and common visions for the future will be presented in a multimedia publication. Adding to the reflexive and theoretical work, we will revisit the strongest projects and bring them back to Kolla this year in an elaborate version.


As a conclusion to all Antropical editions, we propose to develop 5 of these projects into long term, nature friendly art works to be integrated to either a previously selected urban space or a natural space in the area. Once the group will have reached a consensus on what Antropical aims to achieve in a Festival setting, projects will be chosen within the group, according to criteria developed during Antropical 2020.